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Red’s 4th LSW Tournament Announced

So… You wish to enter my tournament, eh? I hope for your sake, you are stronger then you look. I’ll destroy everything if you cannot defeat me. Read on if you dare.

What’s happened to you, Red?!

Look no further then the below video.

What must I do to enter?

Simple. Submit your sprite sheet before or on the due date outlined in the the rules located here. Follow these rules precisely. Ensure you submit your sheet to the email address outlined in the document. I’ll only select ten of the best sprite sheets to compete. Don’t hold anything back, you weak trash.

Important Submission Details

If you happened to have entered my previous tournaments, I encourage all of you to redesign your sprite sheet. However, seeing as this is the final tournament I will ever produce, you DO NOT have to submit a newly redesign sheet. However… If you didn’t make it in to my previous tournaments with your weakly inspired sprite sheet, you may want to redesign it into something more challenging. That’s just a small suggestion though, seeing as none of you are strong enough to face me… As always, the sprite sheet you enter must be a designed based off you. If I find any fictional characters that have entered, I will crush your sheet without hesitation.


Each contestant will be posed a challenge before facing me. If you cannot complete the challenge you will be eliminated from the tournament.

Final Words

I do hope all of you weaklings will put aside your differences and come together to enter the tournament. Pixtopia will fall if you cannot defeat me. This will be your LAST and ONLY chance to enter. Fight me, if you dare…

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  1. nando2805 / nando2805
  2. nando2805 / nando2805
    When will we see the selected list?
  3. Lo Rezzie No / Lo Rezzie No
    Well, hopefully we can look forward to what's to come >:)

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