Project Power

Project Power: The Upcoming Animation

PHEW! It’s been a crazy past few months working on this website. It’s stabilized for the most part, still cleaning up some things behind the scenes. So lets direct our attention to the big question that I seem to be getting asked a lot. What is Project Power and when can we expect something?

What is Project Power?

Simply put, Project Power is a code name that has been given to my latest animation project. The true identity and title for Project Power will be revealed later this year when I’ve released the teaser trailer. Production has not started on Project Power. It’s been mostly pre-production work up until this point. Project Power has been in development for the past 2 years. I had to put it on hold for the past 6 months, while I worked on getting my website redone. Project Power will be the largest animation project I will work on. The scope of this animation is massive. It’s not just the animation itself, it’s all the promotional materials and other items that go with it. I’ve had to postpone the next Heroes of Pixtopia animation as well as Red’s 4th LSW Tournament for working on Project Power. Below is a one second clip of the teaser I released late last year.

When will production start?

The biggest challenge was getting this website up and running again, as this website is only one piece to the much larger Project Power puzzle. Now that the site is up and for the most part in working condition, I can proceed forward with the final bits of pre-production work before I start Production on Project Power. The plan is to finish up all the pre-production work by the end of this year. As soon as I complete pre-production, production will start on Project Power.

How much pre-production is left?

For those of you who don’t know, pre-production is essentially the act of getting everything ready and complete before actually psychically starting production on a project, movie, etc…

For sprite animators, a good way to think of pre-production would be like this:

  • Finished Script
  • Gathered all, if not most, materials you will need such as:
    • Music
    • Sprites/models
    • Sound Effects
    • Backgrounds
  • Finalized Sprites
  • Finalized VO if any
  • Promotional materials (though this can also be used in post-production, it’s good to have some promo materials before you start a project to build hype)

The above is just a small example of what a sprite animator may classify as pre-production. If you were actually shooting a full on movie there are other things you need to take into account, such as filming locations, actors, etc…

In the case of Project Power, I have to complete a lot of promotional materials before I can begin- *coughs* before WORK CAN BEGIN (that’s a hint). Below is a list of what I need to complete for pre-production:

  • Theredheadhenry Website Complete
  • Script In progress
  • Teaser Trailer In progress
  • Promotinal Website In progress
  • Some documentation In progress
  • Promotional materials In progress

The biggest chuck on that list, by far, was relaunching this website. That’s now complete. Everything else in that list is far less complicated and time consuming. Not to mention all of it is near completion. I have a simple one pager promotional website to complete in addition to finishing up the script, revamping the teaser trailer, and completing some documentation.

When is everything going to be ready?

As stated earlier, I will launch everything before the end of this year. This includes the teaser trailer, promotional website, and other items as well.

Hopefully this clarifies some things with what I’ve been cooking in the pot. What are your thoughts on all this? Who’s hyped to see more epic?

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  1. / RuthlessFighter
    Does it have anything to do with our fan characters? Like can we send them in like we did for HOP and Red's 3rd Tourney?
  2. theredheadhenry / theredheadhenry
    This is not related to HOP or RLSWT. But I like your question because I can answer it in so many different ways. I could shoot you a question back and say, "define fan characters..." That's a hint. ;)
  3. LanceMaster / LanceMaster
    oh nice, a one second trailer showing a gigant Z OH, I WONDER WHAT IT'S GONNA BE ABOUT >__> Totally mazinger z, of course.
  4. EnteiTH / EnteiTH
    Definitely a Z dude but not as in DBZ, just Z if you know what I mean. Probably. Maybe. I donut make guesses on classified things! D:
  5. / Dzbrowder
    So hyped for the release!
  6. / RighteousAJ
    Ehhh Nani? It's another DragonBall thing, I'll add to my DBZAF stuff for later.
  7. CallmeZo / CallmeZo
    Looking forward to Project Power. Will it have anything to do with Max the Legend? (yes I remember that from way back when lol)
  8. / Onis
    Looks like a lot more work is going into this project than your last ones. I'll keep an eye out.

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