New PC Obtained

POWER UP! New PC Obtained

Folks, we are one step closer to the Project Power announcement and a slew of many other awesome projects I have coming up. My new PC has come in, and it’s overflowing with power. Today, I’m going to quickly go over my new PC which I’ve named- Corbomite.


At it’s heart, Corbomite is powered by an Intel i7 6900k processor. Armed with an arsenal of 8 cores, this processor is ranked by over 1,000 individuals as being the 3rd fastest processor on the market to date (according to

Backing up it’s primary power source, Corbomite is packing a monstrous 64 GIGs of RAM. While it’s important to have a lot of RAM for After Effects, at this juncture, I see no need in upgrading to 128 GIGs. I’ve run some quick tests in After Effects CC, and I’m completely satisfied with 64 GIGs.

Unless I’m doing any kind of GPU rendering, like using Redshift or something, I really didn’t see a need to go above Nvidia GTX 1060 graphics card. For the very little gaming I do on my PC, the 1060 was a pretty solid upgrade from my old 760.

Lots of storage? You bet! I’ve set this bad boy up with a 1TB SSD, 550GB SSD, 250GB m.2, and a 4TB HDD. I’ll be adding an additional 550GB SSD later. Giving a total of about 6.5 TB for storage, and that’s just starting out. Each drive serves a purpose, and ensuring I have a good back-up system in place is vital. With that- I have multiple external hard drives to backup all my data.

Looking ahead

Corbomite is radiating with power and I’m ready to put it to the test. My first real project on this new machine will be the HOP shorts.


Corbomite, while under construction.

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  1. / johsonix
    May you please inform me of what you had used to make the game Evil Goku. Im huge die hard Dragon Ball fan. I love the whole franchise. Ive been wanting to make my own Dragon Ball Z game spin off from the series using the platform/base of the Legacy of Goku 2 or Buus Fury engine. Its something im excited about and something i want to do. Can you please get back to me as soon as possible, thanks.

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