Specializing in Adobe After Effects, theredheadhenry has been a sprite animator for over ten years.
If you are looking for visually enhancing resources or an epic animation – look no further.

Recent News

New PC Obtained

POWER UP! New PC Obtained

Folks, we are one step closer to the Project Power announcement and a slew of many other awesome projects I have coming up. My new PC has come in, and it’s overflowing with power. Today, I’m going to quickly go over my new PC which I’ve named- Corbomite. Read More →


Red’s Next Game (Vote Now)

Hola amigos! With the looming announcement for Project Power fast approaching, I wanted to look further down the road at my next game project I’ll be working on when Project Power is done. YOU can vote on which game you would like to see done first between the two games I have lined up. Read More →