Mecha Goku Patreon Promo

Special Patreon Rank & Achievement

Howdy redheads! Today I wanted to announce a special promotion I’m doing. Anyone who pledges $5 dollars a month, via my Patreon page, will be awarded with a special Patron rank in the forums. To top it off, Mecha Goku will be representing the Patron rank. Additionally, your monthly donation also gets you a special Mecha Goku achievement that can only be unlocked with your monthly contribution. Only 10 are available! Who’s going to be one of the lucky few to have this special rank?

How do they look?


How do I get the rank of Patron and the special achievement?

Easy. Follow the 5 simple steps below. Read them carefully. Remember, I only have 10 available. Once they are gone, they are gone.

  1. Go to my Patreon page (
    • Ensure you have a Patreon account and are logged in
  2. Pledge $5 by clicking, Become a patron
  3. Be sure you select the $5.00+ per month option. The description for this pledge reads as follows:
    • Unlockable Mecha Goku Patron rank at
      Pledge $5 or more a month- HIGH FIVE! You’ll receive a special Patron rank to your account on This rank is represented by Mecha Goku. You will also be awarded a special Mecha Goku achievement that can only be unlocked by pledging $5 or more. One you have pledged $5 or more, send me a PM over Patreon with your account name on and I will unlock the rank and the achievement to the account you provide. This will be a permanent change unless you cancel your monthly contribution.
  4. Confirm your pledge
  5. Send me a PM over Patreon with your account name on and I will unlock the rank and the achievement to the account you provide

What happens next?

Once you’ve pledged your monthly contribution and sent me a PM over Patreon, I will unlock your Patron rank and achievement. The next time you log in to, your rank in the forums will be permanently changed to the rank of Patron. Additionally, you will be awarded the Mecha Goku Achievement. If you cancel your pledged, your Patron rank and Mecha Goku achievement will be removed. You will then default back to the normal forum ranking system.

More Promotions

I’ll be doing more Patreon promotions like this in the future. So be sure to stick around for other awesome goodies that may be waiting in that shiny present box.

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