Goku Versus title

Goku Versus

An eight animation story arch following an evil version of Goku, and other Goku’s from various universes, ultimately leading to a showdown between all Goku’s known to exist. This story originally started in 2007 with Evil Goku and has inspired many fans.

Red's 1st LSW Tournament Logo

Red’s 1st LSW Tournament

Red’s first ever LSW Tournament. Eight contestants enter to win the rank of Champion and a final bout with Theredheadhenry.

Red's 2nd LSW Torunament

Red’s 2nd LSW Tournament

While 16 contestants battle each  other in Red’s tournament, Theredheadhenry tracks down a rouge monk who threatens the contestants and the entire realm of Pixtoipa.

Heroes of Pixtopia Logo

Heroes of Pixtopia: Season 1

Taking place after the events of the Red’s 2nd LSW tournament, a group of heroes set out to stop an invasion of demons.

Red's 3rd LSW Tournament logo

Red’s 3rd LSW Torunament

Months after the events of the demon invasion, a mad scientist holds a third tournament in honor of theredheadhenry to prove his advance robotic warrior is superior to Pixtopians. Teams of two battle it out in the arena to determine who is the strongest, man or machine?

Heroes of Pixtopia: Shorts

Heroes of Pixtopia: Shorts

6 months after Red’s 3rd LSW Tournament, daily life goes on with heroes.

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