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Specializing in Adobe After Effects, theredheadhenry has been a sprite animator for over ten years.
If you are looking for visually enhancing resources or an epic animation – look no further.

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Red’s Next Game (Vote Now)

Hola amigos! With the looming announcement for Project Power fast approaching, I wanted to look further down the road at my next game project I’ll be working on when Project Power is done. YOU can vote on which game you would like to see done first between the two games I have lined up. Read More →

One Month Down

One Month Down

We’ve hit a milestone today. The site has now been live for one month! I wanted to provide a quick update on the website and share some data with you guys. I’m also looking for feedback on the site. Providing me with some feedback below, enables you to use the Kamehameha in real life. Read More →

Dream Big

The After Effects Dream Machine

With Project Power rolling around the corner, I’ve been thinking about upgrading my PC to something a little more beastly. I wanted to write this article not just for me, but for anyone who is seriously considering building a computer that thrives with Adobe After Effects and functions great with other gaming or computing needs. Read More →